Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blood, Bones & Butter report

This month we returned to our cozy home in the basement of the church (thanks again to Heather for hosting at her home while this space was otherwise occupied!)

The book had mixed responses this month.  Some folks were really drawn to it, and I think others of us are finding chef autobiographies are starting to sound all the same ;)  Everyone was pretty appalled by the neglect and poor boundaries Gabrielle received as a teenager.

(I've misplaced my notes, but want to get this posted, so I'll come back and fill in more when I find them...please add in the comments if you have more you'd like to share with everyone who couldn't make it!)

Deborah S. - Made a wonderful Cheddar/Chille Bread, which we are encouraging her to submit for the Pillsbury bake-off!

Katie made super yummy eggs on biscuits (like the author used to eat on the stoop when she first moved to NYC) and delicious Rum-Raisin Sauce to go on ice cream.  So tasty!

In tribute to the family's giant yearly party, I made a variation on Lima Bean Salad. (Martha Stewart's recipe and photo...I appear to have forgotten to take my own!)

Laura brought the author's Braised Chicken Legs with Shallots and Vinegar.

Julie brought something tasty and baked that for the life of me I can't recall what it was called.  Spice cake maybe?

Heather brought delicious strawberries and cream:

I apologize for this being the worst report ever!  Next month I'll jump on it right away ;)

Next month's book is The Lacuna a novel by Barbara Kingsolver, who we read long ago with her nonfiction Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. The book takes place in Mexico, so plan for a fiesta!  Most of the books are checked out already, but the library does have 7 copies of the 19 hour long audiobook available...just enough time to listen to it before the meeting on Wednesday May 8th!

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