Friday, August 15, 2014

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen For August, we went with our usual light summer reading, but this year instead of a children's book we read a delightful and yummy graphic novel by Lucy Knisley called Relish: My Life in the Kitchen.

The group was overall pleasantly surprised by this book.  Not everyone had read a graphic novel before, but happily liked it more than they expected. Some thought from the cover it was going to be a kids book.  But everyone really seemed to like it, especially Lucy's tone, and her great talent for combining her writing and illustration abilities. 

Favorite bits: 
  • picture of her drinking vinegar with her dad.
  • the relationship she has with her folks, and their friendly divorced relationship.
  • A light and easy read.
  • Wanted it to last longer.
  • Loved how the recipes were illustrated. 
  • Travels to Japan and trying out interesting foods. 
  •  Wish all cookbooks had this many illustrations. 
  •  Great humor...little details. Such as Mexico. Drew's little sister - quite the lady.
  •  Hereditary cheese lovin'
The only thing folks seemed to actually dislike, was that there weren't more recipes! 

Katie S. recommended picking up Lucy's travelog French Milk, about a trip she took to Paris with her mom.
As usual, we ate very well at our meeting:

Barbara – croissants and wine 
Katie S. – Kuma's Corner's Judas Priest burger, homemade apricot jam
Bobbie - caprice kabobs and feta stuffed figs 
 Dawn – cheese and tomatoes and crackers
Katie W. – tres leches cake 
Vanessa - masubi  

Madeline was off at Twilight Camp with her Scouts (no vampires, I presume) and Sonja was on vacation in San Diego (fun!)

Gulp at Sno-Isle - there are lots of copies!

Next month's discussion will be around Gulp : Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach.   This book is lots of fun and focuses a little bit on food, but a lot more on digestion.  Katie S. will be leading the group, as Dawn has a work conflict.

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