Friday, October 18, 2013

Night Circus

This month we read the beautiful and mysterious book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  Overall it was enjoyed, but we felt it was not without some issues.

Overall we found the book to be intriguing, though some expected it to get boring.  But the descriptions were all so fun and fabulous, and the characters full of life, that it made for a fun, fanciful romantic gothic read.  On the downside, some felt it was too jumpy in the beginning, and didn't have enough conflict to be compelling.  The writing reflected that of a first author who has room for improvement.  A particular peeve was using some words way too often, such as "elegant" which was used to the point of exhaustion.  But overall a fun page turner.

    Madeline provided us with ambiance that matched the book!
    Our favorite parts:

    • Circus descriptions.
    • Clock delivery and clock.
    • The magic...her actual magic.
    • Marco returning to his original face.
    • The people who woke to reality and then fell asleep again.
    • Community of red scarf.
    • Dare in the tree...return to childhood.

    What made us drool?  Puff pastries. Oysters. Chocolate mice. Hot chocolate.

    Unfortunately, we didn't make any of those food items, but did have a wondrous feast anyways.

     Barbara W. - Black and White Pizza

    Dawn – salad

    Julie D. – chicken fried rice

    Madeline - Beef with Broccoli in the crock pot

    Rachel R. - bread and cheese and pork rillettes from the wonderful The Calf & Kid in Seattle

    Marsha - black sticky rice

     Laura H. – Carmel Apples and fried chicken

     Lynn - Angel Food cake

     Katie W. - Crème Brulee

    Next month we will be reading Patricia Reilly Giff's Gingersnap, a kids' historical fiction.  There will be lots of  soup, and of course gingersnaps! 

    We will be meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday November 13, 2013.

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