Friday, November 15, 2013


This month we shared Patricia Reilly Giff's Gingersnap, a kids' historical fiction that took place during World War Two.  Most of the food was either very simple soups (which Madeline did a lovely job replicating both a basic meat one and a fruit dessert one), or baked goods made with rationed supplies.  Karen's mock apple pie made with Ritz crackers captured this perfectly!  And Katie S. brought a snack right out of the dogs and (homemade) orange soda!

It was refreshing to do a quick read, and this was a book none of us had read before, so that was nice too.  Our first impressions of the book were that it was very likable, sweet, feel good, a bit sad (but not a weeper) and very imaginative.

It was the details that really endeared the book too us, such as the almost-authentic-Ming vase, that suffered such tragic consequences.  Other heartwarming bits:  Jayna thinking it was perfectly reasonable to travel with a turtle; and how Elise and her bestie were connected by the book that fell on the ground, and became part of Jayna's heritage.

 What we were less impressed by was though Jayna was no doubt forced to mature some in her years in foster care, there were times she sounded much too adult in her narration.  And we weren't too wild about the ghost/voice...too undefined, unresolved, and not at all scary ;)

As usual, our potluck was a huge success!


Barbara W. - brownies and wine


Dawn – leftover-to be split pea soup, gingersnaps

Heather McN – Mashed potatoes and pumpkin apple pie 


  Julie D. – My Mother In Law's Salad = greens, endive and brussel spout salad and rolls 


 Karen T. – mock apple pie (with ritz crackers!) 

Katie S. –  homemade orange soda and hotdogs and mustard 


Katie W. - Baked Potato Soup w/ bacon, sour cream, and cheddar cheese 

Laura H. –  Lentil soup 

Madeline -  Mini Meatloafs and stone soup, stone girls, and Welcome Home Soup 


Sonja K-G – Pumpkin Dump Cake + breadsticks

Also attending, two newbies:  Katie's cousin Emily, and Heather's roommate Nikita. month we will be reading  "Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life" by Sandra Beasley, and doing a holiday cookie exchange!  There are two copies of the book being held behind the Mountlake Terrace Library desk for bookgroup members.  Looks to be a quick read, so perfect for the busy holiday season!

We will be meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday December 11, 2013.

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